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We have three generations of experience crafting beautiful cabinetry.

Below you'll find some key differences of our cabinetry.  We also invite you to see our process, reviews, and portfolio pages.  You'll begin to understand the attention to detail and care we have built in to our business to better serve you.

If you decide to choose Madison County Cabinets, we'll start with an initial consultation, perhaps a shop tour, and we'll show you, in detail, how we can help you.  We'll be by your side throughout the design process, the build process, and the installation process.  Once the dust clears, we'll be readily available for support and future projects.  Customer service is a critical part of our success.  Check out our Angie's List Reviews and our Super Service Awards!


Would you like to learn more about our cabinets?
1. We make our cabinets by hand.

Also check out the about us section for more info on our process.

Many customers are amazed about how "custom" our custom cabinetry is.  We've developed a number of very efficient processes since 1973 and we are always looking for cutting edge tools and materials to incorporate into our building process.  However, we will never exchange efficiency for quality.  That quality comes from handcrafting each piece of cabinetry, consistently monitoring processes, and selecting some of the best products available to build your cabinetry with.

2. We see every single piece of your cabinetry.

When every piece of your cabinetry passes through multiple hands in our cabinet shop, we are able to build in some of the highest levels of quality control into our system.


By having long-term employees that specialize in every area of cabinetry, we're able to address problems quickly and efficiently.  We try and leave nothing to chance.


One unique example of this is our ability to make custom stain and paint colors in-house.  While it would be easier to rely on a third party for this service, we find having this skill in-house allows for more consistent product quality and quicker response to client needs.

3. The materials we use are the best available.

Often, quality craftsmanship is defined by the details.  There are hundreds of suppliers of hardware, wood components, and storage items.  Many of the suppliers that we use are long-time business partners.  We do not make changes before doing extensive testing to ensure new products meet quality standards.


When you come to Madison County Cabinets, you are generally looking for a high quality cabinet.  Most clients don't have time to research things like longevity of hinges, smoothness of drawer slides over time, or hardness of cabinet finishes over the years.  Rest assured, we'll be your expert partner and make choices in products that uphold our quality standards.  The result is a higher quality cabinet for you.

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handmade cabinets indiana.jpg
DON & BARBARA| Fishers

“This is the second occasion I have had the pleasure to work with MCC. I can not say enough about the excellence in all that your company provides from the superior craftsmanship to the outstanding customer service."


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