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We can help make your dream kitchen cabinets a reality.

If you are like most Americans, your kitchen is a place in your home that is constantly in use.  Many families would label the kitchen as the place where families spend the most time together.  Holidays, birthdays, breakfast, dinner, or just a regular old Tuesday evening, you'll likely find someone in your family to speak with in the kitchen.

You likely want this room, above others, to be functional and beautiful.  You'll want it to be built around you and your family.  Your family is unique.  It's tough to get the exact specifications that meet your needs from a pre-packaged kitchen design.  Because our custom kitchens are designed and built to your specification, we can fine tune every aspect of your kitchen cabinets to meet your needs.

Please feel free to reach out via the form to the right or by calling 765-778-4646 to speak with a Madison County Cabinets representative.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Would you like to learn more about our cabinets?


are created just for your home, your tastes and your needs.
Unique & Custom Features For Your Cabinets

Having a custom kitchen cabinet maker on your side allows you to specify just about everything.  Do you need roll-out shelves in an odd shaped cabinet?  No problem.  Would you like a custom stain or glaze color for your cabinets?  No problem!  What about unique under cabinet lights or special hardware?  Perhaps you would like storage in the toe kick.  Or maybe you have the need for a more accessible kitchen to fit a family members' disability.  All of this is not only possible, but chances are, we have experience building it.

Innovative Solutions For Your Kitchen

During our consultation, we will speak with you about any specific kitchen design wants or needs that may, at first glance, seem unusual.  We almost never see kitchen design requirements where a solution cannot be found.  Common kitchen cabinet design problems we solve are: space limitations and the need for hidden workspace, cabinets that support specific hobbies, or kitchen cabinets designed around specific family members.  Please feel free to try to stump our design team!  We like the challenge!

Your Kitchen Cabinets Design Style Is Our Mission

Your cabinets are designed in house using the latest software and, in some cases, custom hand drawings.  You shouldn't come to a custom cabinet company and experience design limitations.  You certainly will not experience any at Madison County Cabinets.  If a kitchen cabinet can be fit into a space, we can design and build it for you.

Regardless of your style, we'll help you find solutions to meet your kitchen cabinet design needs.  From the most contemporary to the most traditional, we have you covered.

Your Kitchen Storage Problems, Solved

Madison County Cabinets has relationships with a vast array of hardware, storage and convenience, decorative wood, and counter top material suppliers.  We use some of the best suppliers in the industry and we are always looking for the most cutting edge technology and most prominent design trends.  Kitchen technology changes pretty regularly and you'll find that we have access to the most up to date hardware and accessory components in the industry.  If it doesn't exist, we may be able to build it special for you.

High-Quality Craftsmanship

You will want to look at your cabinet construction options in detail.  Many cabinet companies will reduce costs by building the cabinet boxes out of particle board and using wood on only the face and doors of the cabinets.  Your cabinets will typically be in your house for many years and depending on your family dynamics, may see a large amount of wear and tear.  Our goal is to create cabinets that withstand many years of use and when you compare kitchen cabinet construction of a cabinet from Madison County Cabinets to most other options, you absolutely will see the difference.


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