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Three generations of craftsmen making handmade cabinets for Indiana.

Since 1973, it has been our mission to build cabinets that we would be proud to put in our homes.  Over the years, we have continued to refine our process and continuously learn so that we can provide you with the best custom cabinetry in Indiana.  We remain committed to exceeding customer expectations and we hope that you give us the opportunity to exceed yours.

Below, you will see our process for creating your cabinetry.  If we can answer questions, please fill out this form to the right or simply call 765-778-4646 for more information.  We also encourage you to see our reviews page and check us out on Angie's List where we have won quite a few Super Service Awards - including for 2013.

When you are ready, please let us know when you'd like to come out to our showroom for a tour.  If you would prefer, we also love the opportunity to meet you at the job site.  Thanks for looking at Madison County Cabinets.

Would you like to learn more about our cabinets?
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1. We select the wood for your cabinets by hand.

It goes without saying that your cabinets are only as solid as the wood they are made from.  We consistently examine our supplies and make sure that from plywood to solid wood, our materials meet high quality standards.  This is important because our cabinet boxes are all wood.  We do not use particle board for construction.

2. Components are then cut by hand.

Using state of the art equipment, our cabinetmakers cut each piece of your new cabinet by hand.  Because we do not use premanufactured box cabinets, your cabinets are designed to fit your space exactly.  Our process allows the greatest level of customization.  Making the slightest or biggest change to your cabinet design can be achieved.

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3. Cabinet box assembly that focuses on strength.

When you walk through the shop or visit our showroom, check out the partially assembled cabinets.  You'll notice that the construction is second to none.  Your cabinet boxes are built for strength.  You will not see particle board components.  You'll see plywood and solid wood component throughout the cabinet construction.  You'll also see a number of Madison County Cabinets' unique twists on cabinet building that are designed to strengthen the construction and provide long term stability.

4. Dovetail drawers ensure strength.

Even custom cabinet shops generally outsource drawer box construction.  Many times, having this important manufacturing process coming from a separate factory leads to slight variations that affect cabinet drawer performance.  Madison County Cabinets builds all cabinet drawer and pantry roll-out systems in-house.  We invested in our own dovetailing machine and assemble drawers out of high quality wood to ensure strength and smoothness of any moving part.  Your dovetail drawers will be matched with high quality drawer slide hardware from some of the top hardware manufacturers in the industry.

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5. Hand sanding for perfect, seamless cabinets.

In our industry, there are a lot of processes than can be relegated to a machining process.  Sanding cabinet parts is one of them.  Sanding is actually one of the most critical processes in cabinet construction.  Every imperfection will be uncovered in the next step of cabinet building (staining and finishing).  It's important that the Madison County Cabinets team members assigned to this step have an unparalleled attention to detail and a commitment to performing this task completely.

6. Time for custom coloring and a smooth top coat!

Once your cabinets are constructed and sanded, it's time to enhance their beauty with coloring and the best finishing products in the industry.  Our expert finishers use state of the art equipment and a highly engineered spray room to spray each cabinet part by hand.  They also have the ability to develop custom color matches for your cabinetry and are always looking at design trends for the newest color and glaze options.

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7. Cabinet color is perfect - final details are installed

The final step before installation of your custom cabinets is hardware installation.  Your selections for decorative hardware, storage and convenience items like lazy susans and roll outs, drawer slides, and door hinges are installed and tested for proper fitting.

8. Madison County Cabinets delivers and install your handmade cabinets.

Perhaps the most exciting step in the cabinet design and building process is installation!  Our experts will be on scene to deliver and fit your cabinets into place.  We take great caution in making sure that this step is as smooth as possible and requires minimal disruption to your family.  Next step: enjoy!

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